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Only 5 series consisting of 50 art works has been released on Opensea for sale.

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#MirrorMirror below is an NFT made by a Nigerian artist

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Creating, contributing and benefiting from an NFT should be open and easy to everyone with a flair for creativity. We’re designing for social engagements between creators & non-creators to actively collaborate and hone their creativity and imaginations. Based on your choice as a Non-creator your can connect into conversations with local and international creators, request and inspire or make a outright fixed payment on an un-minted art or collection, receive the file directly to your profile collections, mint as a shared owner along side the creator and receive future royalties on that NFT.

#AmIPretty & #MirrorMirror

Sold for 9ETH($16,277) & 13.2ETH($23,633) respectively.

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